January Wrap Up

I can’t believe we’re already into our second month of 2017! That is actually scary. January was a bit of a mixed bag for me, personally. I was ill for a bit and we had a family bereavement during the middle of the month, too. It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, I started the ball rolling on a new opportunity and I managed to (mostly) stick to my new blog schedule. Onwards and upwards for February!

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June Round Up

I can’t believe June is over already! Where has the time gone? We’re already halfway through the year! That’s crazy. This month, I’ve been busy job hunting and not having much luck. I’m trying to move in with my boyfriend in Dundee (which is a 42 minutes train ride away from me) so I’m looking for a job in that area that will give me the financial security to make the move. As I said though, not having much luck. I’m spending hours going through job listings and my reading has suffered a bit because of it. I’m trying to focus more on my YALC books now that it’s only a few weeks away. I’m getting super excited about it! I’ll have a post going up soon dedicated to it. Continue reading