Wealth Building Wednesday

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So I took a bit of a break, but I’m back now and I’m here with how rubbish my finances are!

Current Account: £108.86

This is sitting pretty at the moment but I still have two weeks of groceries plus some regular bills to come out.

ISA: £32.00

This got a little boost on my last pay day and I’ve actually managed to leave it alone!

Savings Builder: £150.13

I added the £50 needed to get my interest for the month and I got a whopping 13p interest last month. I’m actually super happy with that considering I get a penny if I’m lucky in my ISA!

Second Savings Account: £2.01

There was some money in here but it got spent on our niece’s upcoming birthday presents.

Second Current Account: £0.77

This hasn’t changed.

Joint Account: £456.23

Still waiting on the bills for the second half of the month coming out from here.

Money Apps: £1.91

This is the same.

Pension: £2111.23

This has gone down a wee bit since I last checked it but I’m still happy with where this is.

House Value: £76,000

Estimate on Zoopla is still £61k to £91k.

Credit Card: £37.20

Still having too many takeaways but at least it’s getting less.

Personal Debt to Mum: £1400

This has climbed a little due to me constantly buying new clothes.

Deposit Debt to Mum: £6,600

This hasn’t changed at all and isn’t likely to until my other debt is gone.

Mortgage: £68,335.40

Mortgage hasn’t come out for this month just yet.

Current Personal Wealth: £2,340.41

Still looking pretty healthy overall. I’m going to try and keep a better eye on it from today cause I have been a bit lazy with it.

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