Wealth Building Wednesday

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Current Account: £34.44 (-£78.56)

The usual grocery shop and other misc. bills coming out. Hoping I get paid on Friday since pay day is Saturday cause I’m going to need the money for food!

ISA: £15.98 (-£21.24)

Did a few unplanned for expenses this last week so had to pull from here.

Savings Builder: £100

No change here this week. I’m waiting to see if I made the deadline for getting the interest this month (I should do but I’m not sure when it will go in).

Second Savings Account: £0

Still nothing in here.

Second Current Account: £0.77

Same as last week here.

Joint Account: £160.48 (-£288.90)

More bills coming out this week, just a few left before pay day.

Money Apps: £1.91

I really need to get back into using this in my spare time.

Pension: £2120.13 (+£134.67)

A nice jump up this week and this is before my pension contribution for the month has even gone in (I think).

House Value: £76,000

Estimate on Zoopla is still £61k to £91k so this is holding steady at least.

Credit Card: £47.17 (+£42.30)

We have had way too many takeaways lately. We’re falling into the bad habit of ‘bad day, takeaway’ again. Trying to nip it in the bud now.

Personal Debt to Mum: £1360.00 (+£200)

My mum paid for something for us this week that I need to try and pay her back for asap.

Deposit Debt to Mum: £6,600

This hasn’t changed at all and isn’t likely to until my other debt is gone.

Mortgage: £68,335.40 (-£83.45)

It bothers me to see how little of our mortgage payment actually comes off the principle each month but I can’t afford to pay off more yet so I just have to keep letting it tick over.

Current Personal Wealth: £1948.84 (-£352.71)

Dipped below £2k but it’s fine because it’s the days leading up to pay day and the final days of the extra week I have to make my money stretch. I think I’ve done really well all things considered and I’m going to try my hardest not to spend frivolously next month.

I have some friends coming over from Europe and America later in the year and I want to make sure I have money set aside to actually do stuff with them when they’re here.

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