Wealth Building Wednesday

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Current Account: £113 (-£74.80)

Since this is my grocery/personal bill money this is always going to go down a fair bit each week.

ISA: £37.22

No change here this week.

Savings Builder: £100

No change here this week.

Second Savings Account: £0

Still nothing in here.

Second Current Account: £0.77 (+£0.04)

Not a whole lot has gone in here but every little helps!

Joint Account: £449.38 (-£291.78)

Regular bills coming out here.

Money Apps: £1.91 (+£0.04

I did a few surveys here and there this week and was screened out of all of them. Haven’t really sat and actively done these lately though.

Pension: £1985.46 (+£1.43)

Not a massive change from last week but there isn’t usually a big change until my contribution goes in anyway. I’m just glad it’s gone up a bit!

House Value: £76,000

Estimate on Zoopla is still £61k to £91k so this is holding steady at least.

Credit Card: £47.17

This has stayed the same but I think I have a takeaway pending to go on.

Personal Debt to Mum: £1160.00

This has come down a teeny bit because I had money leftover at the end of November. This is the main debt that I’ll be working on this year and I’m really hoping to have it all sorted out sooner rather than later.

Deposit Debt to Mum: £6,600

This hasn’t changed at all and isn’t likely to until my other debt is gone. If I can get even £10 off of this by the end of 2020 I will be ecstatic.

Mortgage: £68,418.85

This is plodding along as usual. One of my goals is to get this paid off before I’m 40 – 45 at a push so that we aren’t just throwing away extra money. That’s a long term goal however, not something we’re able to throw money at just now.

Current Personal Wealth: £2,361.72 (-£365.07)

Still in the green! That’s what I like to see. I’m excited to see where my totals all end up by the end of the month, particularly with regards to the new Savings Builder account.

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