Debt Free Friday | Tracking My Personal Wealth

Debt Free

2019 Goals

  • Have £1000 in ISA as Emergency Fund
  • Clear personal debt to mum (£1530)
  • Have a positive Net Worth (see below for current)
  • Fully fund Sinking Funds/Savings Goals

I got a little bit of a shock this week when I updated my EveryDollar and saw that I only had £33 for groceries for the rest of the month (not including Tim’s share). I still have 3 weeks of shopping to do so I’m going to have be the most strict I’ve ever been when shopping.

Luckily, we have a freezer full of food and cupboards full of soups and pastas and if all else fails, there’s still spaghetti.

Not much else has changed. Tim hasn’t actually looked at his budget this month so I need to find time for us to go through what he’s spent so far and what he’s go left for the month. He’s supposed to be putting some money towards his debt to his mum but he’s not exactly like me when it comes to the budgets and lowering debt.

It’s a work in progress and I hope that he’ll start loving budgeting when he sees the debt numbers go down and his savings go up.

Personal Wealth

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