Side Challenge Saturday | OU Edition

We’re getting close to the opening of my module website but still quite a while away from the actual start of the module. It feels like it’s dragging on and I just want to get started!

Textbook 1: Shakespeare and his Contemporaries


This week, I managed to finish reading As You Like It and… I’m undecided. While I enjoyed reading it and it didn’t feel like such hard work – as I’ve experienced trying to read other plays in the past – I’m not sure I’ve fully appreciated it just yet. I haven’t gotten around to reading the relevant chapter of the textbook – something I’m hopefully going to get around to today! I’m optimistic that this will help to deepen my understanding of the play and then I’ll be able to fully appreciate what it is that I’ve read.

So for now, it’s just a waiting game really. I can’t progress much without access to the online materials and I think that’s on the 13th – not long now! Hopefully after that I’ll be able to make these posts a little bit more interesting.

Have a great weekend!

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