Sort It September 3.0 | The TBR


I originally started this self-imposed challenge on my blog in 2015 when I had amassed what I thought was a ridiculous amount of books to read at that time. Ahh, such memories of a smaller TBR. I remember putting in that first blog post that I wanted to have all my TBR books read by that December – what a hopeful dream that was!

Now, I’m just looking to get up to date on reviews and try to get my TBR to a more manageable number instead of eradicating it completely.

NetGalley Stats


This is my NetGalley stats as of September 2nd. I’m hopeful that I can get my Feedback Ratio up to that magical 80% this month. I don’t actually remember the last time I was at 80% or higher, so it’ll be a big moment for me.

I’m going to list all my NetGalley ARCs below and I’m going to shame myself by bolding all the titles that were on the list back during my first Sort It September – meaning I still haven’t read them in the last two years!

NetGalley Books to Read

  1. The Iron Ghost – Jen Williams
  2. The Dominion Pulse – Brad A. LaMar
  3. Enzan The Far Mountain – John Donohue
  4. Suckers: A Horror Novel – Z. Rider
  5. Coral & Bone – Tiffany Daune
  6. Under a Dark Summer Sky – Vanessa Lafaye
  7. Beneath the Forsaken City – C. E. Laureano
  8. The Devil’s Detective – Simon Unsworth
  9. The Raven’s Head – Karen Maitland
  10. Breaking Sky – Cori McCarthy
  11. Cannonbridge – Jonathan Barnes
  12. The Well – Catherine Chanter
  13. The Volume of Possible Endings – Barbara Else
  14. Sparrow 59 – Devon Ashley
  15. The Firebird Mystery – Darrell Pitt
  16. The Liar – Nora Roberts
  17. The Little Paris Bookshop – Nina George
  18. Wake – Elizabeth Knox
  19. Keep the Ends Loose – Molly D. Campbell
  20. Sacrificed – Emily Wibberley
  21. Sunset Rising – S.M. McEachern
  22. Hausfrau – Jill Alexander Essbaum
  23. I Am Radar – Reif Larsen
  24. A Place for Sinners – Aaron Dries
  25. Dauntless – Dina L. Sleiman
  26. Cleo – Lucy Coats
  27. Siren’s Fury – Mary Weber
  28. The Mirror Chronicles – The Bell Between Worlds – Ian Johnstone
  29. The Returned – Seth Patrick
  30. From A Distant Star – Karen McQuestion
  31. Love at First Flight – Tess Woods
  32. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet – Becky Chambers
  33. Under Ground – S. L. Grey
  34. Sorcerer to the Crown – Zen Cho
  35. These Shallow Graves – Jennifer Donnelly
  36. The Cinder Spires: Aeronaut’s Windlass – Jim Butcher
  37. Beside Myself – Ann Morgan
  38. ON – Jon Puckridge
  39. The Missing Hours – Emma Kavanagh
  40. Pariah – Donald Hounam
  41. The Darkest Corners – Kara Thomas
  42. Passenger – Alexandra Bracken
  43. Nightfall – Jake Halpern & Peter Kujawinski
  44. Ned’s Circus of Marvels – Justin Fisher
  45. Magruder’s Curiosity Cabinet – H.P. Wood
  46. The Lie – C.L. Taylor
  47. A Robot in the Garden – Deborah Install
  48. Buzz Books 2017: Young Adult Spring/Summer
  49. The Pearl Thief – Elizabeth Wein
  50. Mary Poser – Angel A
  51. Contagion – Teri Terry
  52. The New Rules of Work – Kathryn Minshew & Alexandra Cavoulacos
  53. The Border – Steve Schafer

NetGalley Books to Review

  1. Summoner: The Battlemage – Taran Matharu
  2. Exit West – Moshin Hamid
  3. The Lie Tree – Francis Hardinge

Author Request Stats

Occasionally, I still get emails from authors asking me to review their books. Even though I put up a notice on my blog saying that I closed to requests, people still send me requests and occasionally there’s one that just sounds so good that I do accept their request. I’ve started declining without reading the blurbs now because I know this list would be so much longer if I didn’t.

Author Requests To Read

  1. Orion’s Curse – Amy Barelloni
  2. The Bones of the Earth – Scott Bury
  3. Blue Sun, Yellow Sky – Jamie Jo Hoang
  4. The Code of Magic – David D. Hammons
  5. Letters to Eloise – Emily Williams

ARC Stats

These are books sent to me from publishers/publicity people and are mostly physical proof copies – although some of them are ebooks/PDFs/Word Docs. Some of these I requested and others were sent to me without my knowledge (but were still a nice surprise!).

ARC Books To Read

  1. Plain Jane – Kim Hood
  2. Keep You Close – Lucy Whitehouse
  3. Phoenix Burning – Bryony Pearce
  4. A Darkness at the End – Ruth Frances Long
  5. Corpus – Rory Clements
  6. All the Good Things – Clare Fisher
  7. The Making of Mollie – Anna Carey
  8. Revenger – Alistair Reynolds
  9. Hush Little Baby – Joanna Barnard
  10. The Lake – Lotte Hammer
  11. Blood Sisters – Jane Corey
  12. The Winner’s Curse – Marie Rutkowski
  13. Noteworthy – Riley Redgate
  14. Arcanum Unbounded – Brandon Sanderson
  15. The Movie Version – Emma Wunsch
  16. Iron Fist – Andy Briggs
  17. The Inventory – Andy Briggs
  18. The Veil – Chloe Neill
  19. The Sight – Chloe Neill
  20. Unrivalled – Alyson Noel
  21. Elantris – Brandon Sanderson
  22. Wants of the Silent – Moira McPartlin

ARC Books to Review

  1. Escape From Planet Bogey – Gareth P. Jones
  2. Final Girls – Riley Sager
  3. Charlotte Says – Alex Bell

All Stats

Books to Read: 79
Books to Review: 6

Other Reviews to Write: 2

Just for fun, this was the stats from 2015:

Books to Read: 61
Books to Review: 7

Other Reviews to Write: 5

So, I’ve got 18 more books to read but 4 less books to review as I did back then. September’s going to be… interesting. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to read as it’s the busy season at my work and I’ll be working more days/hours for the entire month.

We’ll just have to see how it goes!

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