Side Challenge Saturday | OU Edition

In October, I’ll be starting A334: English Literature from Shakespeare to Austen and I’m super excited now that I’ve got my textbooks through the post I’m counting the days until September 17th when the website launches and I’ll know for sure what I need to have done when.

During my studies, they’ll be taking over my Side Challenge Saturday posts because I want to chronicle my journey through my final module on my way to graduation.

With the textbooks delivered, I had an idea of where I would need to start. I hadn’t picked up any of the set texts because I didn’t want to end up reading one that would end up being for the end of the module instead of the start.

Textbook 1: Shakespeare and his Contemporaries

I started off by reading the Introduction and getting a good overview of what will be in this first textbook. The first chapter is all about Shakespeare’s As You Like It. So, to continue reading the textbook, I first have to read the play. That’s the focus.


I’m currently still reading the Introduction to the play by the Editor. It’s a fairly long one so it’s taking me a bit more time than I thought but I’m not trying to rush it so that I can really take in all the information and digest what the play will be about before diving in.

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