America Deconstructed | Anthology of stories by immigrants to America | Guest Post

Today, I’m posting something a little different. I was approached through email about a crowdfunded project for a book titled America Deconstructed. It’s a collection of stories by people who moved to America and their experiences in doing so. I’m delighted to host a brief guest post from one of the authors explaining a little behind the book. Be sure to check out my reviews of the first three stories in the collection later today!

Exotic Indian Girl With A British Twang!

When I walked into the airport in Chennai, India I was one among the many people who looked like me. When I walked out of the airport in San Francisco, I had graduated to being exotic. Somewhere in mid air I had gone from being just another Indian girl to being an exotic alien. Everything from my skin color, to my very British accent made me a specimen. Back in my seventeen years in India, I never knew I spoke English with a British twang. I never knew in the many years as the granddaughter of a domesticated British lady who refused to acknowledge her British lineage, I had inherited some of her British-ness. America reminded me of my exoticness and of being a mutt.

As a new immigrant, I believed my biggest challenge was coming to America. I was wrong. Every step into my immigrant life be it ordering coffee at Starbucks to fashion proved challenging.  Being an immigrant also gave me fodder for stand up comedy had I chosen that path. I was often confronted with questions that had me doubting the India I knew and grew up: Did you take showers on the street? I saw it on CNN, or Oh do you eat curry. As an Indian girl from India, I was often stumped not knowing how to answer if I ate curry. America Deconstructed happened in those moments when I stood stumped not knowing how to explain India to America.

America Deconstructed answers questions such as these and much more. The book follows sixteen immigrants from Mexico to the unknown Kosovo, from brown skinned to white skinned as they answer what it means to be an immigrant in America. It is quirky and easy read about immigrants who conquered the miles for their dream. There is love, war, romance, loss, love, kids and everything in between. Please pre-order our book by clicking the link below. Thank you for supporting us!

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The crowdfunding campaign for this book will be going live on March 13th so be sure to check out their social media to grab the link and help support this amazing project!

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