British Books Challenge 2017


It’s another year and so it’s time to do a reading challenge! I participated in this challenge in… 2015, I think, but kept forgetting to upload my reviews and/or link to them so I’m hoping that I won’t forget this time around!

If you feel like signing up too, the challenge is being hosted by Michelle Toy over at Tales of Yesterday, so be sure to check out her posts for more information.

I’m not going to pick any 12 books in particular right now. I want to see how many books I can read and review. I have a ton of books that would qualify sitting in my TBR of ARCs that have yet to be read, so I’m going to list those here and cross them off as I read them from the BBC page I’ll be making later today.


  1. The Lie Tree – Frances Hardinge
  2. The Well – Catherine Chanter
  3. The Raven’s Head – Karen Maitland
  4. Cannonbridge – Jonathan Barnes
  5. I Let You Go – Clare Mackintosh
  6. Cleo – Lucy Coats
  7. Burnt Paper Sky – Gilly MacMillan
  8. The Bell Between Worlds – Ian Johnstone
  9. Sorcerer to the Crown – Zen Cho
  10. Beside Myself – Ann Morgan
  11. ON – Jon Puckridge
  12. The Missing Hours – Emma Kavanagh
  13. Pariah – Donald Hounam
  14. The Lie – C.L. Taylor
  15. A Robot in the Garden – Deborah Install
  16. Thin Air – Michelle Paver
  17. Phoenix Rising – Bryony Pearce
  18. Keep You Close – Lucie Whitehouse
  19. Revenger – Alastair Reynolds
  20. The Witchfinder’s Sister – Beth Underdown
  21. Corpus – Rory Clements
  22. Mary’s the Name – Ross Sayers

And that’s just the review books! I still have a TON of unread books sitting on my shelves that I may jump into for this challenge too.

Have a great day! x

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