#BookTubeAThon – Day Two

I am already in love with the books that I’ve been reading for this challenge and, although I’ve been trying to catch up with my other things this week too, I’ve been having a really great reading time so far!

Today I…

At some unknown time this morning my laptop started playing one of those video ads for joining the Navy. This was rather creepy for me as it woke me from my sleep and all I heard was some random man talking in my room. The other weird thing is that I close my laptop at night so it goes into sleep mode… I don’t know how this video happened.

So I had a bit of broken sleep last night, not only the creepy video but also my brother decided he would be ill this morning around 7 o’clock. It’s not the best of sounds to wake up to. I lazed around in my bed until around 8 but I couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and started reading Black Cairn Point again. I had read another 50 pages or so before I went to bed and my gosh, you guys, I love this book so much. I finished it before my alarm went off at 10!

My dad came home early from work today, which meant that I had an extra half an hour to read before work because he was giving me a lift in. It did mean that I wouldn’t be reading from my kindle on the way to work, but I was totally fine with that.

Just before heading out to work, I decided to have a nosy at NetGalley. I’ve not been requesting new books due to the 50 odd ones I still need to read for them – which is why I’m doing ARC August – but I noticed that they had the preview of the new Brandon Sanderson book and I was like ‘MAJOR WANT’ so naturally, I downloaded it.


I spent my evening making another excel document to sort out my TBR pile – this one was primarily for my NetGalley books. I know that I had/have a poll running on another post and I do appreciate the input, but for the sake of ease, I’m going to read my NetGalley ARCs in order of their publication date, starting with the ones I have for October/September and working backwords (not including the one that is published August 6th).

I basically spent the rest of my evening doing that and reading Shadows of Self. It was a pretty great evening, if I do say so myself.

What I’ve Read Today


I love this book. It had me hooked instantly and I found it really hard to put it down. If you loved Darkmere by Helen Maslin, this book has a similar premise so it’s worth checking out. I’m definitely going to be checking out this author’s other works. Also, that ending! I’ve already posted my review of this one.

Pages Read Today: 129.


After finishing Black Cairn Point this morning, I went back to reading this one. I’m intrigued by it, but not overly invested in it (yet).

Pages Read Today: 25.


First of all, I love the Gollancz cover for the new Sanderson novel. The white/blue covers are gorgeous! So, naturally, the minute I downloaded the preview from NetGalley, I was going to read it. That was a given. I’ll be posting my quick review of this tomorrow.

Pages Read Today: No idea, I don’t know how many pages the preview covers. I’d guess around 100-200 but I’m just not going to include it for my BookTube-A-Thon total.


Books Read: Black Cairn Point, Shadows of Self

Currently Reading: The Apple Tart of Hope, Fishbowl

Pages: 154 (Total: 341)

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