#BookTube-A-Thon – Day One

August is going to be my read-a-thon month! I’m doing BookTube-A-Thon this week and ARC August for the rest of the month and it’s going to be an awesome month of reading before I start my university again in September and lose some of my reading time.

Today I…

Today has been a pretty slow reading day for me mostly because I’ve been trying to catch up on things other than reading – not the best start to a read-a-thon, but there you go. I scheduled three reviews today, which have now gone up, which is more than I’ve done in a while. I’ve got a lot of reviews written up and ready to go but I haven’t gotten around to scheduling them yet – I’m hoping to rectify that this week.

Speaking of catching up on things, I spent a good half an hour to an hour after work just going through all the emails I’ve received during July/August on my review email and responding to those. There were SO MANY, it was unreal. This is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit down and actually go through them all. I also spent a bit of time updating my Goodreads reviews so that the ones I’ve posted on here are on there too. I’m getting really bad for not updating things.

I also spent a little bit of time today reading some of the stories posted last month on my SCBWI critique group’s blogger because I didn’t have time to do this last month. I got some great feedback on my first chapter and I want to give back to the group since I’ve basically done nothing so far. There’s only five other stories so it shouldn’t take me too long, but I’ve still only responded to one so far…

In other news, I got lots of book post today! The first package was a review copy of Dark Room by Tom Becker from Stripes Publishing (thank you Jessie!) and the second was the books I’d ordered from Amazon with my £30 gift cards – I only had to pay £1.41 for five books!



I’m super excited to read all these books, but it just means I’ve once again ADDED to my TBR instead of taking away…

What I’ve Read Today


I picked this one up first because it was for the first challenge. I didn’t read very much of it because I realised that I had a couple of books that are released on the 6th that I want to have read and reviewed before then, so they took precedence.

Pages Read Today: 31.


I picked up this book at YALC at the Hot Key Books stand and I didn’t even realise at the time that it wasn’t released to the general public yet so bonus ARC! This one sounded super dark and creepy and I couldn’t wait to jump in. With a release date of August 6th, I jumped to this one after a couple of chapters of The Apple Tart of Hope. I’m enjoying it so far but finding it weird that the main character shares my first name and her best friend shares my best friend’s first name and that they live in Scotland… like me.

Pages Read Today: 130.


This one is on my kindle and is serving as my first #ARCAugust read. I had originally put this down for an extra read for BookTube-A-Thon before I discovered ARCAugust so it’s worked out quite well for me that I was planning to read it anyway. I always read something on my kindle while on the bus/walk to work and today this was it.

Pages Read Today: 26.


Books Read: N/A

Currently Reading: The Apple Tart of Hope, Black Cairn Point, Fishbowl

Pages: 187 (Total: 187)

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